• Parson Street Primary School, Dragon Hall

    Juniors 6yrs+ only 6pm-6.40pm
  • Ashton Park Sports Centre (Hombu Dojo)

    Beginners & All 7pm-8pm
    Seniors continue till 8.30pm
  • Westbury Park Primary School

    Beginners & All 6pm-6:45pm
  • Redland Green School, Dance Studio

    Beginners & All 7pm-8pm
    Seniors continue till 8.30pm
  • We have a simple pricing structure, and offer real value for money.

    There is NO joining fee.  The first lesson is FREE.

    Annual club membership initial fee is inexpensive, and includes a FREE KARATE SUIT for Juniors. It also includes insurance and grading book. Yearly membership renewals are cheaper.

    Training is based on monthly payment. Aim to practice outside of class too.

    There is NO CONTRACT.  

    Monthly Payment* covers (hall hire, affiliation, instructor fee & insurance/DBS-checks, qualifications, travel costs & marketing).

    Members pay monthly and cancel anytime (recurring debit card via Stripe preferred).

    For families, I offer a 20% discount for subsequent members, so two relatives training once-weekly saves nearly £5

    Ad-hoc training beyond your normal package is charged slightly higher per lesson. Non-member visitors pay a higher fee.

    Private tuition is available. Michael is a D Class JKA International Instructor Licence-holder.

    We can now accept card payments via Stripe, which can help if paying for block classes, gradings/courses or training equipment.

    Club Gradings are good value including certificate, and colour belts are available if successful.  JKA National & international courses are available (varies by Instructor). There are many Open karate courses across the UK. 

    Training suits (dogi), mouth guards and fighting mitts are provided at a great price.

    *(payable 12 months of the year, but costed to exclude Summer, Easter and Christmas)