• We teach traditional Japanese Shotokan karate.  We emphasis developing character and learning in a safe environment. We are NOT a franchise - we are not motivated by targets for student numbers, making money and charging excessive fees! There is NO contract. Fees and costs are transparent. Michael cares about teaching and applies years of experience from top Japanese teachers, not just following a regurgitated syllabus.

    Typically, we start with a warm up to build cardio and increase flexibility.  We then practice basic techniques to keep a standard and understand blocking and striking principles. There is always a theme throughout each class. 

    After basic practice, we apply striking and blocking in pairs in order to learn timing and distance. This is always safe, and advanced students wear fist and mouth protection.

    We tend to finish learning and improving set forms of movement, which help to consolidate self-defence moves, blocks and strikes with rhythm and 'personality'.

    Interwoven within classes are fitness and flexibility routines and games pepper learning.

    If you are new, just wear loose clothing... the first lesson is free... and we don't bite! 

    Belt system:

    10th kyu (white belt)

    9th mon (orange/ white stripe)

    9th kyu (Orange)

    8th mon (red/ white stripe)

    8th kyu (red)

    7th mon (yellow/ white stripe)

    7th kyu (yellow)

    6th mon (green/ white stripe)

    6th kyu (green)

    5th mon (blue/ white stripe)

    5th Kyu (blue)

    4th mon (purple/ white stripe)

    4th kyu (purple)

    3rd kyu (brown/ 2 white stripes)

    2nd kyu (brown/ white stripe)

    1st kyu (brown)

    1st dan (black)

    Seniors normally grade from Kyu to Kyu grade, rather than Mon grades, so progress more quickly, but could be awarded a Mon grade if they weren’t quite there yet. Our gradings are held locally with clubs from our karate family.

    (Note: Shotokan schools usually add white stripes at purple & brown belt as you progress, but this is contrary logic to a system of progression toward the full colour). 

  • Junior classes help kids aged 6-12 to build character and confidence, have fun and learn to stay safe.  We focus on speed and coordination, emphasising play.

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  • Give your child aged 13 to 17 the gift of confidence, leadership, respect, focus & discipline with our Teens classes. We focus on speed and coordination.

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  • For those 18 years+ we combine fitness for health & wellness. Learn self-defense for safety & improve fitness and flexibility. Make new friends and build speed and power.

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