• JKA Windsor Camp April 2016

  • Great training sessions over the weekend of 22,23 and 24th April 2016, as Sensei Michael travelled to Windsor to train with JKA HQ senseis Toshihiro Mori, 8th Dan and Keisuke Nemoto, 5th dan, and UK-based Sensei Masao Kawasoe, 7th dan JKA. Sensei Nemoto is several times World JKA Champion. The seminar covered kihon karate techniques with emphasis on making proper technique, with power and focus. Basic techniques were broken down and practised either solo or with partners. Five-step and one step kumite (sparring) was also covered. Several kata were explained, including Kanku Dai by Nemoto sensei, and Bassai Dai by Mori sensei. We all had a chance to renew or make friendships. It was great to catch up with JKA Shotokan Ireland’s Joe Sweetman, 5th dan, JKA Germany’s Claudiu Dinu and JKA Paris’ Atoroud Najafi, as well as club friends A.G. Sanna and Angeline Kau.

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